In my line of work, when writing training sessions for adults I always have to be very aware of the WIIFM. This is defining what’s in it for me. An adult always wants their time justified and wants to know what they will get out of the session.

I recently started thinking about this from a non-professional place, is there value in asking the WIIFM? I determined that while it may improve efficiency in some ways, it will not improve the experience. Life is about the experience and the ability to be present in each and every moment. It is one of the key reasons that making change in one’s life can be so difficult, we are not present long enough with any of our experiences to realize that we need or want to change something.

When I owned my business, I spent 14 hours a day running from each thing. I was in networking meetings, on community boards, making deliveries, and in my store serving my customers, but I can honestly say that I was never actually present in any moment, I was too busy thinking about the next thing, in the current thing. So I knew I wanted things in my business to change, but I was spinning too much to have the perspective to know where to begin. So, from a philosophical point of view, knowing the, what’s in it for me is not nearly as important as knowing everything is in it for you (EIIIFY), this is your life.