For me creativity tends to ebb and flow with the season, my mood, and stress. To help me connect with my creative self I made a creativity plan. I know this seems like it goes the wrong direction for true inspiration but for me it creates focus and puts the energy toward the process.

Ray and I decided to set out on a spring journey to “find” our creative spirit, we both feel like it has been lost for some time. For me, creativity is mostly about writing and for him it tends to be broader. We had a retreat the end of February as a sort of “kick off”. We went to a location that was not home, so there were no distractions and set out to make a plan. I had started reading the Artists Way so that provided a little guidance. After some conversation about what each of us had hoped to gain creatively and what part we wanted to other to play we put together a plan. The plan we came up with was simple and included:

Get up one hour earlier (for us this meant 4:30) which would allow us to add some new things into our routine with any additional stress and allow Ray to have a quiet cup of coffee before leaving the house at 6:30. With this extra time our new routine would include:

  • Stretch for five minutes
  • Meditate for five minutes
  • Write (stream of consciousness) for 20 minutes

Evening would include:

  • Limited TV
  • A workout
  • Dinner at the table
  • Possibly more meditation

This worked well for us and we committed to this process for about 10 weeks. We tried to be flexible with the structure and nurture one another and of course tried to hold each other accountable. Then a couple of weeks ago we had another retreat to evaluate our progress. We decided to tweak things in our morning routine slightly to stretching, meditating, and writing all for 10 minutes. This adjustment felt more balanced and in line with us sticking to the process.

There were several things that came out of our three months of spring creativity. I started a blog, am writing more regularly, and am taking some risks that seemed too scary. We both started running and gave up TV. My husband has also started sketching again, storyboarded a play, and has picked up the camera.

I tell you about these things, not brag, but to share my experience. I spent most of 2009 feeling really out of balance spiritually and creatively and had no real idea about how to tackle it. Putting the energy and focus toward it helped me find my way, at least this month.

It is important to remember that there is no one-size-fits-all plan or approach that will work for everyone. What does your plan look like?