I have been a little out of touch the last few weeks; which seems a little hypocritical when I am writing about how to make change, big and small while still living your life. Hmmm, I will have to think on that for a while. Anyway, Ray and I have been traveling a bit. Not a lot compared to how some people travel but more than usual for us. To give you a little background, I closed my store a couple of years ago and have been concentrating on the financial aspects of a failed business, while Ray has been in school getting his masters in computer science. These two things have kept us close to home the last couple of years. Which is fine, but since we were both feeling a little “itchy”, I declared this the year of travel.

We started the year contemplating finances, projects and how travel would fit in with our goals. We made a list of places we thought we would like to visit and places we knew we would be visiting and set a budget for each item. During the first two quarters of the year, we have been to Palm Springs, Phoenix, Nashville, Napa, and Chicago (I have also been to Minneapolis for work). All pretty local, but really interesting and fun experiences in different ways.

The real challenge when we talk about change then is how does it all fit together? How do we continue to stay on top of our lives, make change around creativity and health, write consistently and in the summer maintain our garden? My answer, while it sometimes frustrates my natural personality is flexibility. Sometimes things have to get moved around on the list. This is the hard part for me because I want to be able to do everything. The truth is I can, but not each day and not always in the exact timeframe that I deem. Adaptability is another term I am adding to my vocabulary and would view this as slightly different from flexibility in that adaptable implies that things have already happened in a way that you did not expect and you are adjusting to the new situation. Flexible on the other hand says that things are happening and you are adjusting as life rolls along. So, our theme the last few weeks has been flexible and adaptable. That means if we can crowbar ourselves out of bed in the morning at 4:00 to run, we do or we run in the evening, whichever is cooler. If we need to adjust our budget to travel a little, we tighten our belts and eat beans and rice the next couple of weeks.

All of this to tell you that I have to be flexible with my blog schedule. The intention is to post something at least once per week. Lately, I have not been able to do so. It happens. Change takes time, effort, diligence, persistence and even forgiveness and above all the ability to be adaptable and flexible.