I have always been a three season gal. I love the crisp air of the fall when the days get shorter and you have to pull on a sweatshirt in the evening. I love harvesting squash from the garden and turning on the oven after three months to roast a chicken or make a pot of chili. I enjoy a winter that gives me some excuse to hunker into the house and read books and watch movies, of course all while drinking a cup of hot tea. I love the spring where the days start to warm up to 60 degrees and the grass is such a bright color of green that it hurts your eyes and I so enjoy opening all of the windows in the house and let letting a fresh spring breeze roll through.

As I said, I am a three season gal. The heat of the summer makes me feel… well, it makes me feel hot, sweaty, swollen, and overall kind of anxious. It seems as though my routine is thrown off kilter. There are no blankets on the bed, the weeds take over the garden and the air makes me feel as though I cannot breath.

This summer I decided to ask myself, how do I embrace this season or at least change my attitude about it, cause I am kind of sick of my own bitching?

The heat of the summer makes me feel… happy, because:

  • I know that the tomatoes in my garden will get red, sweet and juicy with the energy from the sun.
  • I enjoy the long days and that it seems like I need less sleep.
  • I feel vibrant in a way that I am not in January.
  • I cherish sitting outside with friends drinking a glass of wine or iced tea well after dark because it is such a beautiful clear night.
  • I love seeing my colorful toenails sticking out of sandals.
  • The smell of anything on the grill is yummy and tastes delicious.
  • An afternoon rain after a really hot day makes everything seem refreshed.
  • The ability to throw some gear into the vehicle and head into the hills rejuvenates my spirit.
  • While the garden has some weeds it is also lush with life that we planted.
  • It gives me such an appreciation for the approaching fall.

Maybe I can be a four season gal yet.