I have been avoiding this blog, but I bet you knew that. The human condition is such that when lacking focus, we can tend to busy ourselves with tasks that have nothing to do with our actual mission/ goals/ ultimate desires for life. This has been me. I want to write so instead I reorganized my recipes and created seven recipe binders with 22 categories.

Wow, right on target!

I want to create a dialogue around change that influences people; especially those in business transition. Instead I have been using a change in my own professional life to be completely unproductive in other areas.

Kudos to me!

My work hours have been cut. I was panicky, spinning really for three weeks. Now, I have decided to embrace that change. Here is the list I made in case I need reminding to stay on track.

  1. Quit complaining about little things
  2. Remain positive
  3. Continue to ask, how can I leverage my contribution
  4. View the change as an opportunity

It is okay to be lost for a bit. Here is the key though. Pick yourself up, acknowledge why you fell down and move on, make a plan and get focused.