This morning I was watering plants and in my zest to water my new mum I dumped nearly the entire watering can on my tablecloth. No big deal. A bit later I was making eggs and dropped the spatula that had half cooked eggs on it all over the floor, which proceeded to splatter everywhere. These two instances so close together made me stop in my tracks and think. I don’t normally drop, spill or even lose things. I tend to be pretty on top of things and this morning in particular, with a large to do list in hand, seemed especially odd. It reminded me that action without focus is movement for the sake of it rather than to reach an end goal. It is like those people who are always running around busier than anyone else, yet their lives are always a disaster and they bring a whirl of disarray wherever they go. Do you travel through your days like a whirlwind bringing chaos wherever you go or do you begin your days with intention and focus? You get to pick.