I have read a lot about truth recently. I think our awareness over it stems from our politicians and leaders of industry who have lied to us more than once. You can go a couple of directions when thinking about truth. You can do like everyone else, the group mentioned above, and believe that to get ahead you have to lie to people. The second option; and the one I like better is to determine your own values, write them down if you have to and tell the truth.

This is not always easy and it starts with telling ourselves the truth. How often do you lie to yourself? Be honest, we all lie to ourselves on occasion. Some days, when I want to eat ice cream, I tell myself that my metabolism is functioning at a really high level and I will be able to burn it off quickly, this is a lie, my metabolism works the way it works and doesn’t show up to work harder unless of course I am working harder, liking running or lifting weights. Do you lie to yourself about the bigger things? Like the work you do and the kind of parent that you are? Change starts when we begin to tell ourselves the truth, sometimes it is ugly, sometimes beautiful but to tell yourself the truth at all costs will change the way you think.

Doing what is right and doing what is easy are rarely the same thing. It all starts with you.