Do you ever have those days when things fall into place? A day where you were organized and diligent and accomplished more than you thought was possible. A day that when it was evening and you were laying your head on the pillow, you thought, “Wow, that was a great day.” I have those days on occasion and I always wonder; can I consistently create a “great” day?

What is your perfect day? This is a question that I posed to Ray over the weekend and while we both admit there is really no such thing as perfection, it makes for fun conversation. My next question was, “What is your perfect Monday through Friday day as our lives look right now?” Again, I admit that asking a question that involves the idea of perfection sets the whole thing up for failure from the very beginning but we each answered the question. Then I proceeded to make a list of the things that I would want to do each day if I were designing my life and the things that I always say that I want to do.

 My idea stemmed from the fact that our lives have been a bit turned upside down the last few weeks with Ray’s surgery and recovery. His cast has been removed and he is in physical therapy but our psyche is still in need of some repair.  

I started by asking myself how to get motivated and create some inspiration (we have been a little inspiration deficient). I want to assess if I am living my life or if my life is living me. With further assessment, I have to admit that I have been going through the motions of my days, doing what I am supposed to do, but not really engaging in my life, not really living it.

So, in my zest to regain control, I decided to commit to 30 days of doing all of the things I say I want to do each day; commit to myself and my goals. Simple things like take my vitamins to bigger tasks like writing for one hour every day. I am looking at this as an experiment to truly determine what I want. I have continued to tweak and add to that first list and have come up with items that I can honestly say are important to me each and every day. The list feels a bit overwhelming but that is part of the challenge.

There will be more details to follow and I will plan to post daily so that you have a sense of where things are going. I am calling it the 30-day change immersion experiment.