Ray has exercises that he does every day to work and stretch his new and improved Achilles. When he does these exercises, he is always amazed at how quickly the movement seems to come and how much flexibility he gets back in a very short period of time. 

I think we live in a culture of instant gratification, we all want results as quickly as possible, myself included. When I hear an ad on the radio to lose 40 pounds in eight weeks, I am tempted, it seems easy and it seems instant.

We know that that this is not a realistic expectation. Change takes time and a little bit of effort. When Ray and I are amazed at how fast we see changes in his ankle, it gives us some hope for a speedy recovery but the reality is that this is an injury that keeps him on crunches for at least two months like lasting long-term change takes more than a radio ad or a to do list.