Do you do great with meeting your goals and making change Monday through Friday and when the weekend rolls around it all goes to hell in a hand basket? This could be my mantra. I tend to lose momentum and desire by the weekend. I do not want to be held back by my own goals (this statement probably requires its own post and some therapy), I want freedom and flexibility.

This last weekend I had a breakthrough. I actually followed my list, according to the goals of the experiment. I felt focused, had energy and still had time for rest and relaxation.

I am not sure that I have a grasp on the reason other than the list seems like the right list for me. I have taken some time to genuinely evaluate what items need to be on the list as well as determining what some of my goals, short and long term, currently are.

I am not saying that it was all easy, there was still work involved and some planning and organization, but I am working to keep the big picture in mind. The decisions and actions that I take today effect tomorrow, next week, next month and so on. This makes getting on the treadmill a little easier in the immediate.

Day by day, week by week, making change by creating routine, even on the weekends.