I wish I had better reasons for not writing before now, but alas, I do not. December has just; well it has just been a blur. The experiment officially ended November 30, although because of a trip to New Jersey for work, it really ended the day before.

I tend to get reflective as we complete one year and ponder the new one. Overall my challenge/experiment was a success with time and focus well spent. One of the goals was to create some structure at a time when there has not been much with Ray’s injury. Another goal was to challenge myself to develop and incorporate some new habits into my repertoire.

Here is the wrap-up:

  • Success: This month allowed me to let go. It sounds counter intuitive but because I created structure, I relaxed.
  • Biggest Eye Opener: How great I feel after 45 minutes of exercise.
  • Value Realized: The importance of daily rest. Just stopping for a few minutes to close my eyes and be.
  • Biggest Realization: This injury has also placed some new found importance on health; because if you don’t have your health, nothing else matters.
  • Letting go of: The need to constantly have “things just so.”
  • Items that will remain: Neti pot, flax, vitamins, stretching, 45 minutes of daily exercise, daily rest or meditation.