I am not sure that this term actually exists but I wonder if it could be a new way of looking at things.  I was reviewing my goals last week and realized upon reflection that I tend to do much better in reaching my objectives when I am making slight tweaks to habits that are already in place versus creating entirely new ones. I have several examples of this; one of my goals is to increase the time I spend each week working out. I have not had much success in adding days to my workout regimen but I have had success in going from 20-30 minute workouts to 45 minute workouts. It is a simple adjustment but has made a significant difference. Another example would be our goal to eat more healthily. This has been on the radar for some time and we have been making adjustments a little bit at a time. Last year we eliminated canned foods from our diet and began to limit processed items. It has made the transition to eating vegetarian twice a week fairly seamless because we had already started to add more fresh food to the diet.

The habit of working out is already in place, the add-on is the increased time allotted for the workout. This way of looking at things has also improved my attitude. Rather than beating myself up time and again for not working out six days a week, I feel successful each and every time I spend the 45 minutes. I am finding that I am more inspired to try more and look at the other things I am already doing and how to adjust to make them even better. It is all in how you look at things. I find that when I approach my goals and change from the perspective of success and a positive attitude; things go much better than when I approach things from a place of punishment and failure.