Standardization is a form of isolation.

This is a statement I read somewhere, who really remembers where, but it made me wonder how isolation is related to change.

Think of the last time you were at the grocery store. Let’s pretend that you need a pound of hamburger. You wander over and notice the variety of meats available and how attractively it is all packaged. The color of the meat shines through the cellophane and all of the packages are lined up next to one another. This is not a new; we understand that the food industry is standardized because there are billions of people to feed. Everything is packaged in an attractive manner so that you buy more expensive things like the rib-eye when you had intended on purchasing the hamburger.

When working to make changes in my life, I have a tendency to try to standardize things. I put personal policies in place and create systems that I believe set me up for success. In doing this am I actually isolating myself from how I really feel about the change? Am I missing out on some of the struggle behind the change? Am I separated from the environment so that I don’t have to feel?

Creating standardization can eliminate emotion and forgetting about emotions is isolating, I guess that is how isolation is related to change for me. How about you?