Why is it that we are so willing to learn new technology but we are hesitant to learn other new things? For example I am writing this on a netbook. I have never used one but am considering a purchase and wanted to try it out. I made a phone call, borrowed one and here it is. The netbook has been in my house for less than an hour and I have turned it on and started typing. Yet I have been saying for two years that I want to try yoga, and have not done so. There is even a great studio less than a block from my home. My first thought is to believe that I am using this technology in the comfort of my own home and yoga would be in front of other people, but I tend to think it is more than that. As a culture, we don’t just willy-nilly try new things. We have to have it sold, justified and proven before we make ourselves vulnerable. Technology is so imbedded into the culture that we don’t think twice.

How will you ever make the change you want to see in your life if you are not willing to try something new?

This week a netbook, next week yoga.