Ray and I celebrated our sixteen year wedding anniversary on Friday of last week. To mark the occasion, we decided to go out to dinner to a new restaurant for us. We were both pretty sure that we knew basically where the restaurant was; we know our city well, so off we went (I should note that I even forgot my cell phone at home). We got to the neighborhood where the restaurant is located and nothing was there, just apartments, it was completely residential. We decided to drive around the block. And again. And again. Finally, after driving around for about 15 minutes in a four block radius, we determined that we did not have the correct address for the restaurant. We had a small discussion about where to go next and ended up at a restaurant that we go to frequently. We walked in to a packed restaurant with no reservations. One of the owners found us a cozy spot; brought us some sparkling wine and we settled in for the evening. We had great conversation and were able to reflect and connect in a way that was truly special for the occasion. Maybe we would have been able to do the same thing at the other restaurant, maybe not.

While I believe in the power of change, sometimes there is value in tradition and comfort. The time in our familiar place gave us the space to really connect and talk about our next years together.

What places give you an opportunity to connect deeper with yourself, or with someone you care about?