I recently wrote about a time with my grandmother that happened 25 years ago. That time still impacts me today. It made me wonder, what choices am I making today that will impact me or those around me 25 years from now?

Often, I tend to think, “I will do that tomorrow.” What sort of impact does that attitude have on me now? Do you think about the impact your choices have on the future you or on those around you? OR Do you go through life assuming that you are an island and that your actions don’t in fact affect anyone?

I would imagine that if you have children you have a clear understanding of your actions. You know that if you choose not to go to work today and bring home a paycheck exactly who that will affect; but what about on a larger scale? What about ‘the you’ years from now? What impact do your choices have?

The bigger question is, what impact do the changes you refuse to make have on your future self?