I started writing this post a week ago and intended to talk about diluted efforts. I would describe diluted efforts as energy put into things that may be important but are not ultimately contributing to overall goals. I tend to have so many things going at once that I dilute my own efforts. I take a long time to complete any one project and create a false sense of busyness. Having many projects going at once allows me to move seamlessly from one to the other, making me feel excited and engaged.

It occurred to me this morning that diluted efforts could also be called self-induced obstacles. These obstacles, if we look at them independently, seem as though we are overcoming and being productive but if we look at the action closer it is a tactic to help us avoid the bigger goal. I manage most days to wrap myself up in a hundred different tasks or self-induced obstacles and I have to wonder, how many of these are obstacles that I have placed in my own path so that I don’t actually have to do the things that I continue to say that I want to do? The truth of the matter is that it is easier (less of an emotional investment) and quicker to complete the tasks that take less than an hour than think about the bigger projects, like writing a book that will take me a year or two.

How are you diluting your efforts or creating obstacles?