It is October and with the arrival of each month, I reflect on the successes of the previous one. Here are the top 10 reasons why I love the month of September:

  1. The air begins to turn crisp
  2. Leaves start to change
  3. School is in full swing
  4. I might get to wear a sweater
  5. We are harvesting the garden; the veggies are abundant and the flowers are still blooming
  6. We get to add a blanket to the bed
  7. Football season has begun
  8. Red wine is part of my repertoire
  9. The month is kicked off with a long weekend
  10. Open windows and fresh breezes

This September felt especially grateful for us, last year Ray ruptured his Achilles and September brought surgery and an indication of how the next eight months of our lives would go. It was also the month when I received a not so happy phone call from the owner of the company where I work. I was in Tulsa wrapping up a training trip. She told me that I was officially a billable only employee, meaning my hours went from 30 a week to around six and my job became undependable.

This September, Ray ran an eight minute mile and I had more work than I knew how to manage most days (a blessing and a curse). Such a difference only a year makes. It is a good reminder to know that we can get through unpleasantness and come out the other side better for it. It is also good to be reminded that the beauty in the small things like changing leaves is an invaluable joy regardless of what else is happening.