About Me

Thanks for visiting 1 Shift. My name is Deanell and I am a writer, a wife, a daughter and a lot of other things. My goal with this blog is to help people think about change in a new way and realize that change is not always about taking the big leaps but taking the baby steps toward something bigger. Small change is not glamorous and it is not earth shattering but taken one day at a time, one step at a time it will change you and get you where you want to go.


I live with my husband Ray of 15 years in Colorado. It is just the two of us and we are constantly striving for simplicity so that we can enjoy our lives. He is kind, generous and makes me a better person every day. I am close to my family and am the oldest of six kids. My mom is one of my favorite people in the world and if Ray lets me get by with something, she surely will not (it is great to have people to keep my grounded). My mom was my business partner in a gourmet market and catering company for nearly eight years. We had wonderful experiences and really hard times. I often refer to myself as a recovering entrepreneur.

I work for a consulting firm and often say that I am working my dream job. I get to write materials that help people in their jobs, market for a small company and train people to become better leaders, change agents and much more. I love what I do and that it gives me the flexibility to pursue passions outside of my profession.